UX – How does the internet feel?


User Experience abbreviated UX has many definitions on the internet, but the one I like the most is this:

UX is how a person feels when interfacing with a system.

My early experiences of the internet were via of a world of patience, a point, type, click, wait a bit, wait a bit longer and click again of old. They were functional, but held the elevated allure of a hard-won secret world. The internet was a locked away wonderland, somewhere you had to pry open via the screechy open sesame of a 56k modem.

Today, the internet feels more like a puppy, constantly by your side and itching to play. Anywhere you go, you can touch, drag and point at it via the apps vying for your attention.

What will the internet feel like tomorrow? Here’s 3 prospects already close on the horizon:

1. Like I’m reaching in and holding on with both hands.

Technology: Leap Motion

2. Like a floating thought, in the corner of my vision.

Technology: Google Glass

3. Like a waiting entourage of butler, cook, driver and assistant, who knows my needs before I even speak them.

Technology: The Internet of Things

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