Two Empathetic Powers


I had stepped into the game to live 24 hours compassionately and embodied the small character of a mouse. A mouse, I found, who had started with some pretty low stats in the area of empathy. Like any game, though I also possessed special powers to help me on my way.

The two empathetic game powers, ‘Blinky’ and ‘Brain-Shift’.

The power of ‘Blinky’ allows you to slow time.


Prolong a single moment and in it you will be able observe one living being.

The tiny creases in their expression become exaggerated, the movement from their eyes, across their face and the flicker of a feeling.

In that blink, you can absorb it all.


The ‘Brain Shift’ power warps reality.



Listen to the words of any person and you can remove the filter of your thoughts between them and you.

The air around you shifts with the echo of a low bass. The world dissolves, and you are no longer just you.

Instead their words are your words, their thoughts your thoughts. 

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