The Wandering Achievers


Mark is 39, he comes from the generation sometimes called the boomer gamer. He bought and read at least one motivational book in the last 6 months, he watches Ted talks and most recently played Simcity. He nostalgically remembers playing the first one. He has a baby daughter just learning to walk. He’s always got a few projects on the go that need more of his attention, he just needs to invent more time.

Jennifer is 26, she’s worked in same place for the last 3 years and is slowly making her way up the ladder. She likes cooking up new recipes on the weekend and has tried over 20 different versions of her signature dish. She enjoys playing games like Farmville and takes great relish beating her boyfriend at Words with Friends. She’d like to get out of her current job, do something more creative that means she could travel.

Tim is 14, he did his mock exams recently and is picking his subjects for next year. He plays Minecraft with a few friends on their own server and also on the Wii with his little brother, when he can be bothered to let him win. He is a regular poster on a few community forums and loves watching play-throughs on YouTube. He wants to start his own channel, he thinks he could do something unique.

My fellow adventurers. Different lives, different hopes, but here in Webland we are pulled together.

We hear a fluted melody from our earliest days pulling us on and a cold hand at our backs, that we dare not look back to see. It is a feeling that is only quieted as we embark and make progress on our quest. That nagging feeling of urgency that sometimes wakes us suddenly from our day-dreams and drives us back questing in Webland.

I am walking along the path as it winds through the forest and towards the white fortress. I am alone in my journey, but I imagine the paths my fellow adventurers may be taking and where they are trying to reach.

I imagine their goals furnished in Webland with their own fantastical stories. Perhaps it is a metal maze and they are running through the corridors, the disarmament for the self-destruct only 20k away. Or perhaps they are making word-bending leaps around a new language via dozens of floating platforms in the sky.

Webland flourishes with these individuals. They create and play, but something else always drives them on. Something they want to make happen. It pulls at the fabric of the web and transforms it around their own needs. They are the path-makers. I call them the Wandering Achievers.

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