The Edges of the Internet


Diving into the web has become so natural. It would seem strange for me now to go a single day without a dip into its digital depths. Whether its a short paddle for a piece of information, a purposeful stroke for work or just plunging in to play.

I see its shining surface as if on a clear blue sky. The horizon, so distant, feels like it could never be reached. But, this is a myth.

Like the explorers who wanted to find the edge of a flat earth. My journey takes me deeper into the web world where I am immersed. The blue spreads far and wide, but there at its edges is the frayed flapping strands of places it has not been. I travel to the the edge of the web and this is what I find.

At the Edge of Everywhere, a digital divide.

Source: ICTP Digital Divide Simulator

At the Edge of Everyone, a lurkers paradise.


 And at the Edge of Everything still a long way to go.


 Quest Objective:  Fall off the Edges of the Internet

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