Across the web there is a thin dome of gelatinous liquid. It shimmers as strange patterns break across its surface. Snowflakes, circles or the spindly reach of a branch, they all seem to appear at different moments. Some are small, others wide, the patterns spread and ripple out. If I put my ear close to it, I can hear the sound of raindrops falling in a soft and constant patter. The ideas and stories hitting the surface of our shared consciousness.

These are the ripples created by the social media network. Here are two tools developed by people attempting to see these pattern, for themselves.

1. Cascade, developed in the Times R&D Lab

2. ViralSearch from Microsoft R&D

If you know of any others, please do let me know in the comments.

Quest Objective: Plug into the ripples of social media . Follow 150 people.

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    • AverageJoey

      Thanks for dropping by and the comment was well deserved. I’m glad you liked the videos, I find any kind of visualisations of the internet just fascinating. If you ever come across any, please do ping them my way.

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