To Quest: The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search.

When I picked this blog and started on this journey, I didn’t know where it would lead. All I have as my guiding star is the glimmer of another letter in the A to Z challenge. I let the spark of a single word flare up against the galaxy of the web and guide me wherever it may want.

This is the uniqueness of the world I’m travelling through. In the web, with a word, a fleeting thought or question I am able to tear open a billion black holes amongst its stars. I can tumble down any one of those black holes chasing the tail of another white rabbit. Its too easy.

Source: Opte.Org 16/01/2005 “Mapping the internet on a single day”

In the land of the web, to search for something is easy. The instance of seeking or pursuing is over in an instant. I wanted to see what the internet had to offer and there it is already written across the skies.

So instead the modern adventurer must find another way to quest. A new definition is required, on the web:

To Quest: The act of doing something or instance of action having searched; to challenge oneself.

I started writing down my own quest, inspired from the searches I have made into the A to Z of the internet. My quest log is a mixed collection of challenges, but they are all tied together by this world. They are things you can only do if you inhabit the world of the web.

My log fills up with objectives both exciting and daunting and I know now my blogging road will lead me to attempt and hopefully complete each one of them. I will record my progress, successes and failures honestly here. But first, I must collect all my objectives. First, I need to get to Z.

Quest Objective:  Complete the A to Z Challenge

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