Getting Educated in UX


It’s been 5 weeks since I started on my quest to learn more about User Experience Design. To keep me on track, I’ve created some quest milestones to mark progress and breakdown UX Mastery‘s first step, Get Educated.

The torches light my path as I go down step on each stone in the paved tunnels of Webland. Each step brings a satisfying thunk as the pavement sinks in to place. Sometimes stepping on one stone shudders an entire wall into motion. It lifts up and is sucked into the ceilings revealing behind it another path in a cloud of dust.

This is the path I’ve chosen.

UX: Learn Three New Things

UX Reading 30 Minutes a Day:
Books, Blogs, Community

UX Intro Course

Udemy: David Travis’
UX The Ultimate Guide to Usability

UX HTML & CSS Basics




UX Get Educated: Completed 3 of 3

Quest UX – Get Educated

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