Quest Log


Quest: A to Z Challenge 2013

A: Start a blog √
B: Find and follow 3 blogs √
C: Comment on 5 blogs this week √
D:  Join the orderly queue into the digital afterlife
E:  Fall off the Edges of the Internet
F: Delete Facebook account or nurture it? You decide
G: Play an online game
H: Complete an online course √
I: Find a usefulness for idleness
J: Add a dose of self-reflection to your blog
K: Find your own path to knowledge
L: Participate or Puzzle over meme-making
M: Make some money on the web
N: Become a Netizen
O: Contribute to an Open Source Project
P: Tell a story with only pictures
Q: Complete the A to Z Challenge √
R: Find 150 people to follow  √
S: Get lost in the web and discover something new
T: Find 3 non-English blogs to follow
U: Experience the web differently, via one of these latest technologies
V: Invest in something that blows your mind
W: Psychoanalyze your online self
X: Start your own newspaper
Y: Go offline and take a break from you
Z:  Complete a 2nd blogging challenge √

2014 Main Quest: How do you motivate people to take on the mantle of changing the world for the better? Beyond it being the ‘right thing’ or a worthy quest, is saving the world, fun?