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I have returned from my flight into the magpie’s nest, my thoughts still darkened by what I saw. I spread my wings and descended back down to the blogging road and as each of my claws touched the ground they transformed once more into human strides. I resolve to move on, but am cautious of where to take my internet adventure next.

When I looked at Zeitgist as a word to complete my A to Z journey, the search opened up more controversy and conflicting voices than on any other area I’ve written on. For something as ambiguously described as the “spirit of the time”, that’s hardly surprising.

If I was to believe the magpie in me, then the spirit of the time is selfish, shallow and narcissistic, and my quest only serves to feed this. Even as I think the words, my feet seem to sink into the blogging road as if it melts from under me. My steps are pulled down by the sticky tendrils of goop that make sucking noises against the soles of my feet.

“Shluck….Ssssshallow…suck,” I hear as my steps slow and then louder still. “Sssself-absorbed…suck…self-serving…suck.”

Until I stop.

This isn’t where I thought my adventure would take me. I wanted to be a somebody on the internet, to find my place in this digital wonderland and now all I can do is question my own psyche for doing so.

“What should I do?” I shout, and the great divided conciousness of the Web seems to turn to me and say, “hmprh”.

It seems to work. In that moment, I know with absolute certainty that the great wide web just doesn’t give a damn. It doesn’t care why I write this blog. It doesn’t care whether I will carry on writing it or whether its deemed as a success or the most inspiring or mundane words committed to the billions of pages it holds in its world.

What will keep me seeking out new challenges in the internet, will not be some great understanding or desire to debate the zeitgist. There are a lot of smart people out there ready to do this. As I step forward again, my feet touch down lightly. I have a spring in my step and a new word for z, zest.

zeal pertains to keen interest while zest is keen enjoyment or added interest

As I open the pages of my quest log I feel the pull of another kind of journey. One where the enjoyment of doing something, challenging oneself and the quest itself is what matters.

I swing the blog backpack over my shoulder and feel the comforting weight of the completed A to Z resting at my back. I smile to myself and set my sights on the next web adventure.

8 thoughts on “Not the Zeitgist

    • AverageJoey

      I’d like to get to find a few more bloggers to follow, so something like another blog hop challenge, but less intensive on the writing side so I can be more responsive. Still looking…Any suggestions?

  1. How beautifully you put your thoughts. I enjoyed reading about your self-doubt. What is blogging for, anyway? We do it becuase we love writing. That is nothing to do with those who will or will not read our words.

    • AverageJoey

      I hope so. I hope I don’t lose sight of the enjoyment of writing, knowing there is an audience out there to please or judge.

  2. Ah, now, the tool doesn’t care but the user does… and I’m sure there are many internet users who would be rather sad f you stopped your internet journey, judging by this post!

    Liz~ http:/

    • AverageJoey

      Perhaps my 3 subscribers might care a little :) Actually that’s probably enough to keep me going and your kind compliment as well. Thank you.

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