Memory of a Fortress


Standing now at the edge of my word cloud I look down into Webland and from here I spot the unmistakeable four towers of the White Fortress looming atop a mountain.

A goal reappeared.

I hold the staff tight in my two clammy hands, the creases and nooks of my journey in its skin feeling comforting as I hold it. I turn and walk back to centre of the cloud grabbing my blogging backpack that lies at the wolf’s feet.┬áHe looks up at me, a questioning tilt in its head.

Then I turn, running in long great strides. I feel the air beneath me before I can be afraid. As I leap from the cloud I see out of the corner of my eye, a blur of a shape as the wolf leaps with me.

Gammify 2014 Gamificaiton World Championships

Competition Round 1: 12-July-2014, Round 2: 26-July-2014,
Finals: 9-August-2014


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