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A measure of how much you have come to understand the culture of a foreign land is by how much you are able to understand its humour. The world of the web has spawned its own brand of humour, where cats, horse dancing and Chuck Norris reign supreme. Today, I felt like an alien in the web.

I have stumbled upon a pool deep in the web where everyone speaks in a language I cannot understand.

“Ermahgerd,” and other similarly baffling words and references thrive in this pool of memes.

This living pool of ideas swells and changes before my eyes, its organisms evolve and multiple in order to dominate their environment. The winners are the virals and the story of how they came to thrive, now fascinates us as much as the memes themselves. There are those seeking to replicate their success and harness it, but mostly their rise and fall is still a chaotic fight of the fittest.

I see the fittest memes spread across the surface of the web feeding on the creativity and laughter of the crowd, and am mostly just puzzled.

Internal motivations from clearfx87 and great post from Cultural Standpoints

Quest Objective: Participate or Puzzle over meme-making

3 thoughts on “Just for LOLs

    • AverageJoey

      Weird and funny. Embedding the slideshow was quite easy. Kudos has to go to someone called clearfx87 for creating this really thought provoking explanation on the spread of memes.

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