Idleness in the Internet


I  look back at the roads my adventure through the web has taken me. From A to H, I’ve jumped into its blogs, peered over the edges of its reach, climbed up to see the vistas of a new way of learning and even come face-to-face with the potential of a digital death.

I see the paths I could still take laid out ahead me and suddenly I feel the weight of the words still to be typed. I crave a place to rest a while, to lay my head down in a quiet corner of the internet and pause from my journey.

The internet though, has created a new form of idleness.

Idleness in the web is a soft breeze that can take us to wherever our thoughts may wander.

The free flowing information and access to our social networks sits at our finger tips. The breeze whispers to us to chase another click up and away from the task at hand. Its gentle blow is deceptive, as the minutes tick to hours, and before you know it, you have lost sight of Kansas.

The breeze is suddenly a tornado spinning you in a grip of procrastination.

Quest Objective:  Find a usefulness for idleness

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