Helping Hands


There is a wide stairway that leads me higher and higher up into the web. Each step on the stairs is sculpted like a perfectly formed hand, the palm faces up and holds an open offering to anyone who might want to step-up.

These helpful hands on the web are challenging the traditional models of education.

In one part, the hands are built of a heavy white marble. Their weight and solidness speaks of age and tradition, and the names etched on the palms say Harvard, MIT, Stanford or Kings College London. Yet here they are racing to offer open learning in the web. Will a billion inhabitants of the web really  step-up to accept this offer of an online education for anyone, anywhere, anytime?

These large helping hands are not the only ones though. In another set of steps, I see a thousands smaller hands, fingers interlinked to share the burden of those that step-up onto its platform. Here it not based on the old foundations of any institution, but on the creativity of the individual. Here, everyone is a teacher and anything can be learnt. It holds out a hand to you and asks, what you are curious about?

Further on, the stairs still grow with the steps of a million others, all passionate about something which they freely share in lessons through a blog, a video or a connection. I see the swell of a crowd all willing to offer out a helping hand, only a search away.

The shifting staircase in the web, built by these helping hands, lead to an education unrecognizable to those of us that sat in a bricks and mortar classroom, in a solely offline world. Up high in the web, at the top of this stairway, this is where I hope our children will play.

Quest Objective: Complete an online course

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