Applying Gamification in Webland: Is self-learning a boar?


Two red eyes stare at me unblinking as I walk towards them. They wait and watch from the forest. The grass and leaves crunch under my step and the staff feels light in my hand. I know I am armed with less than that. I have theories, words, voices from the gurus and students in Webland, but my own thoughts remain untested. They could evaporate at the first touch of a real challenge, the hours and days spent trying to absorb their truths and secrets, all too easily melted away.

Learning anything in the internet feels like that. Webland  can drown you in the mountains of information and never show you a path to something more.

As I step between the trees, I meet the red eyes set in what looks like the shadow of a boar. Its body and limbs grown out of shadows that fall on the forest floor and joined into a dark mass that slowly expands and contracts to the animal’s breath. It grunts at me, a short puff of air exhaled from nostrils, in what sounds like disdain. I see the path through the forest behind it, no, I see the path through it.

The haze of its large body blocks, but still reveals the ragged outline of a pathway between the trees.

I must strike now. I cannot picture all the moves I should make, how to throw together everything I have learned, but I feel the moment come tight in my stomach.

So I narrow my sights, focusing instead only at the pair of eyes in front of me. My hands tighten on the staff just as my chest seems to knot in fear.With a sharp intake of breath I swing high and slow bringing the staff down between two mocking red eyes.

Designing a game to Train for Gammify 2013

1) Identify top 5 actions: So in my quest, the 5 most important things I can do right now to progress to the Gammify 2013 competition. 

  • View a video, blog post or article on Gamification
  • Curate best articles and videos together
  • Share interesting content from other related fields
  • Express own opinion or understanding on a topic/theme
  • Comment (ask questions) on others content

Choose your own top 5 from this slide

Amy Jo Kim’s Social Engagement Verbs

2) Assign points to the top 5 actions

Note: This is not in order to assign a magical future number that means I’ve suddenly become the master of all things gamification. There is no such number. However, knowing the relative importance of the different actions have to my particular quest is valuable, as well as having some way of tracking how much progress I’ve made as I go along.

Since its the relative rather than absolute figures that matter I’ve decided to use Fibonacci sequence of numbers to assign points to my actions.

  • 1 POINT View
  • 2 POINTS Share
  • 3 POINTS Comment
  • 5 POINTS Curate
  • 8 POINTS Express


nautilus shell



Quest Log Update

Gammify 2013 Objective (Started): Apply gammification design to current quest

  • Identify 5 top actions – Complete
  • Assign points to the top 5 actions – Complete
  • Use a metaphor to design levels
  • Decide how to mark progress (passive or obvious)


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