Are you Game?


The House of Games hangs suspended in the Web, an odd-shaped tower with multiple tops and bottoms, and rooms jutting out at every angle.

Adventure, fight, jump, build, bash, think…

As I imagine it, the house spins and its great doors swing open to let me in.

Inside, the stairs and hallways spiral high above above me. Their levels are filled with the accumulated imagination of decades of gaming culture. What once was a niche and shadowy past-time, now has the shiny gleam of decor befitting a $76 billion industry.

I stand in one of its hallways and the rooms behind each door tempts me with a new quest, created within its own set of rules and reason.

I could open a door and step through alone or join the swathes of players waiting on the sidelines, all ready to throw down a challenge or share a journey with me.

I could wander for hours, for days, even years in these rooms. I would triumph over a hundred new quests and objectives handed to me by these masters of play, but then the house of games would swallow me whole.

I would be happily lost forever in its halls, but I hear my own quest beckon me on. This internet adventure leads me somewhere else I sense. Slowly with care, I close the great doors to the house, pick up my small bag and turn back to continue on.

Quest Objective: Play an online game

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