A Journey’s review

The Blogging Road

I look out at the crawling mass of clouds in the quiet grey fog of a morning in Webland. Beneath me is the soft comforting solidness of my word cloud cradling me, as I lay on my back. Occasionally, I speak another word and with the slow, curl of a puff of smoke it appears and floats down to join the mass of words I am riding on.

I lay there watching each mass of cloud floating past. These other clouds are the glimpses of the other users writing their own 750 words every day. Each cloud has is own shape. I see in one the shape of a huge pirate ship, its impressive great sails fully extended, all formed from words.

“Billow, big, bright white”

Other words form into planks of long dark wood, that run along the ships hull and through the gaps between the letters, perched on a scribbled banister sits a hamster.

The fog parts and another form floats past in the shape of a Zen garden. A tranquil pool of water constantly fills with a trickling fountain of ‘what if’s and ‘buts’. At its side stands a pink flamingo. These shapes appear and disappear, floating into view through some thick cloud and just as quickly are gone again. I can sometimes make out the animals, but soon they are obscured again and claimed by the fog.

The skeleton wolf has re-appeared and sits beside me eating a meal of words describing dead fish. I tried creating milk and meat before, but it seems to like fish the best.

I trace my hands along the scars of on my burned staff along the charred wooden skin, and when I close my eyes and see the moments of my journey these last 9 months scroll past.


Word Clouds


<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfZKZGtdmOg?hl=en"><img src="http://startmyquest.com/wp-content/plugins/images/play-tub.png" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a> The morning sounds of word clouds floating by in Webland

“Where am I?” I say and like so many times before, Webland writes the three words out in white puffs of cloud in front of me. A joined up pretty sentence, written out and floating just above my head, punctuation and all.

At first it was entertaining, this trick, this ability to turn my thoughts into these fluffy apparitions.

I let the words tumble out in those first few weeks, not caring whether they really made any sense. Let them form sentence after  half-sentence, unconnected thoughts running into one another. The rambling mess of words filling up the world around me.

Writing from 750words Cloud

Word Cloud created from my writings on 750words.com

Puffs and plumes of words appear until I can reach out my hand in any direction and touch them. I can wrap myself every day in them like a big comforting blanket until I am lost in my own introspection. It’s not something that I need much help in, but that’s what this place has become for me. In the vastness of Webland, 750words.com has become my haven.

Away from the quests and the further adventures I know I should travel in. It is the mirage and oasis so comfortable that its hard to remember why I would ever need to publish at all.  I play and push the words here and there, and eventually they fade away, at least until the next day.

I know I must move on. Find a way up and out of these endless clouds of thoughts or I may become lost forever.

I can barely remember the clearing in the forest, my quest to take part in the Gammify Challenge and the mystery of the missing fortress. The strange skeletal creature who brought me here, has not reappeared, and I’m still holding on to the charred stump of my staff in my hand.

I remember the surge of lightening that flashed as I touched it and awakened in this place. Dazed, I have drifted through these rolling word clouds that never have to be questioned, edited or revealed.

“Time to get out!” I shout and the words form differently this time. Stiff and strong they clump together into the rungs of a ladder. With only a slight hesitation I clamber up.

“Keep going, don’t stop” I say, the sentence building another rung. I reach up and pull out over the top into fresh air, the edges of my cloud.

The fog is thinner here and as I squint around me the sky above me darkens.

Looking up, I see another mass of words slowly moving across the sky. The words connect several layers deep, so thick that it seems to have corridors and connections within it. It slowly moves as one, a steady flow going somewhere directed by some unseen force.

I see it then something moving inside it. Among the words, a small dark figure or maybe several of them hurrying between the words.

I strain my neck not sure if what I see can be right. Is that a penguin?


Video & music source: Grand Canyon Time Lapse Video

This post was a serendipitous prompt from WordPress.com’s Daily Post challenge.

Compassion Quest Complete?


My intention had been to use both types of empathy to live as compassionately as possible for one day. But at the end of my compassion quest, it felt as if I were only beginning to scratch the surface of these empathetic powers. I wielded them with clumsy hands, sometimes missing the mark.

I realised I had only successfully completed the game tutorial.

Another day, I might have let the stranger get out of the train first because I reasoned, I had time to kill. Or look to understand a person’s opposing view only to better know how to work against it.

Empathy I found does make a difference, by deliberately stripping away those situational factors and prejudices. It challenged me to see, hear and feel the commonality in our needs and desires as people.

There are certainly people in the world we admire, who seem naturally superpower-ed in their kindness, generosity and care for others. For some of us though, we may feel more similar to the small character of a mouse than these masters of compassion.

In this world, you might see the challenges you face more akin to a game where failing only means learning to try again. I have learnt through this quest that infusing actions not just with reason and habit, but with the two simple powers of empathy, is a challenge worth accepting.

I offer to you now, the powers of “Blink” and “Brain-Shift”. Wield them wisely and if you are willing, join me in the League of Mice on our quest for compassion.

Pointing mouse


“This is not a quest won in only a day or even a week. But a lifelong practice, won each and every day, if you’re willing to play.”
The Mouse