Three New Things


Real life has no tutorials. So instead, when embarking on any new quest, we must learn to build our own.

Hexagon Paving

I take the steps down into the tunnel, in Webland, one tentative foot in front of another towards the faint light until I reach around the corner. Here I am faced with a path of hexagon paving stones, as far as I can see, branching out down spidery tunnels all around.

As I test one foot on the tunnel floor I feel my weight bear down on it and the sound of stone on stone grates underneath.

I hold my breath, as the torches dim around me, then flare up with a sudden roar that echos down the tunnels. They blast a wave of heat across my face and flames crackle high along every wall burning a yellow handwriting across that reads.

“What three new things do you know, that you did not know before?”

The kindly man, A Dance with Dragons

The Quest Begins

This is how I imagine the start of my quest to learn about User Experience Design. To expand my understanding of crafting human experiences beyond the realms of gamification.

It starts with 30 minutes.

  • 10 minutes a day reading from UX community Q&As via UX Stack Exchange and Twitter
  • 10 minutes a day reading a blog post or article from well known UX news sites
  • 10 minutes a day reading a UX book


This achievement will contribute towards the first step outlined by UX Mastery’s How to Get Started in UX Design, Get Educated.