The Blogging Road


As I set off on my internet adventure, my feet crunch along a winding road scattered with the pebbles of 263 million blogs.

I arrived at this magical blog number by adding tumbler’s recent news hitting 100 million figure, the wordpress’ counter, which tells me I am in a heady crowd of 63,384,378 and sprinkled in another 100 million for the ever illusive blogspot platform and others, for good measure. Eh voila, a current 2013 figure for how many blogs there are, right now, this second, in the world. Well, give or take.

The blog road rolls and rolls into the distance, a scribbled line across the web’s landscape that meanders to its own stubborn course. 263 million is a little too far for me to go, but I pick my way down the avenue closest.

I dance along this bloggers road, hopping across the

1965 A to Z participants.

Each step breaks open a cloud of words that surround me in a puff of multi-coloured voices; crafts, parenthood, comics, gnomes.

I hop on each pebble with a click of my heels and it opens to a strange new shore. Sometimes, one makes me stop mid-skip and it seems to greet me with more than the words on the page.

A sound, a voice or scent of something that is their own blend of uniqueness.

“Crunch.” A fresh spring day, juicy and ripe with humour, from a man that doesn’t mess around when it comes to his vegetables.

“Shhh,” she says. “Come sit by me,” and I eagerly wait by her side. Waiting to hear the honest and personal telling of a life completely alien to mine.

“Rad…” The word sparks across the bright pictures and prose. It lingers in the air, then seems to melt back into the darkness that surrounds it. Promising to surprise me again.

A blog’s beginning is a unique oddity of our internet world. It lays down the gauntlet, to each of us and taunts.

“Go on then, what have you got to say?”

I reach inside my backpack and feel the slippery surface of my own little blog. I close my eyes and try to imagine what will be built on its empty shores, and the answer seems to rattle in my head too loud.

“I don’t know.”

Quest Objective: Find and follow 3 blogs

One thought on “The Blogging Road

  1. Sarah

    What an interesting way to document your adventures through the internet. I like it! Keep on writing, you have my interest peaked!

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