An Adventure


“I have arrived,” I announce stepping over the threshold into the blogging world and the big wide wonderland that is the Web whispers what sounds like “hrmph”.

“Hello, do you see me?” I shout and as a single pair of eyes flick in my direction, I freeze.

“Wait, I’m not ready,” I think.

I stand in front of those appraising eyes pulling at the hastily stitched theme slipping from my shoulders and try to wrap it more closely around me. I want to  run straight back behind the wall of widgets and menu options. To go back and get lost in the endless halls of  “How to Blog” research, but I know those long wanderings will still lead me back to here.

I stand on the edge of the Web and see it stretching out in all directions, a digital blue sea, which glistens and hums with a million silver connections under its surface.

I take a breath, shake off my doubts and begin to type.

We all long for adventure I think. Its in our memories, our stories, our childhoods. The innocent curiosity that leads us to all take our first tentative step and the rush of stumbling pride that sends us out searching every day thereafter. It leads us further and deeper in our lives to seek another and yet another thrilling first step.

Except somewhere along the way, it seems my steps were no longer driven by a longing for adventure. Somewhere along the path, I forgot those fearless days of discovery and adventure became routine, became fear, became really just standing still.

For the next 26 days of this blog, I will do my best to not stand still.

I accept as my first quest, to participate in the April A to Z challenge. A post every day in April except for Sundays following my A to Z adventure through the most mysterious of lands, the internet.

I’ll dive into a very modern day adventure, one that explores this digital world. Sometimes dark and secretive, sometimes daunting and magical, and constantly changing with the ebb and flow of the people who inhabit it. I will strike out with only my wits and a blog in my backpack, and follow the net’s glistening paths to wherever they may lead.

I look up at the sky and through the haze of a screen, the eyes seem to look down on me kindly. I wonder for how long they will remain my companion. As I set my thoughts on the adventure ahead, I smile to myself and take a first step.


Quest Objective: Start a blog

6 thoughts on “An Adventure

  1. Aaah! The first part described exactly what I felt as the mouse hovered over the publish button on the first ever post on my website. It was scary. I love that you captured that moment so perfectly. Looking forward to following you as you follow the challenge. Most blogs I’ve stopped at so far haven’t intrigued me enough to write down the url but yours has already been typed in 😀

    Good luck, I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for you. Feel free to stop by if you need any encouragement.

    • AverageJoey

      Yeah, someone who feels the fear and doubt too. Then does it anyway? :) I hope I kept your interest throughout the rest of the A to Z. Its been a huge learning curve and I had a lot more moments of doubts along the way, but your kind comment kept me going at the start. Thank you.

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