About me



I like to call myself a real life quester, someone who doesn’t want to break the world of fantasy and reality so cleanly away from one another. Someone who likes to hack, play and challenge my own view of the little and big things in the world around me.

I wander through the internet imagined as digital landscape of clouds, fields and hitch-hiking along the information highways. I meet the people and challenges in the world, as a cast of strange characters, heroic and demonic.

Some people call us gamifiers, people who want to turn real life into a game, but I see us as questers. People who are seeking the connection, the fun, the spark and the challenge we feel playing our most loved games within all of life’s experiences. A simple life’s quest in the pursuit of love, meaning and happiness.

But as every gamer knows our individual paths all lead to the same main quest. They are all intertwined towards the same great battle. An epic goal that has the world in the balance.

The main quest is always to save the world.

Today, the real world serves up a challenge to this generation quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. Within our lifetimes, a future painted bleak and catastrophic on one side and on the other, an urgent diminishing hope to save the world.

It sounds too grand to be true, too epic, too fantastical. Reality and fantasy merging too closely for comfort in most people’s lives. It feels complex, it feels scary. But to me, there’s only really one question being asked and the answer is always ‘yes, yes, yes’

“Do you accept the quest?”


Character creation. It’s the thing I like most about computer games. The skills trees, the choices, the stars etched across a sky, numbers and points all building up to a carefully constructed vision of a character you want to be. Those carefully laid paths and experiences all funnel into roles that allow you to be an all powerful something. Be it a mage, a warrior, a somebody in the world.

Real life feels like it should be like this. Throw your energy behind being an artist, a programmer, a mother and your skill points mount up till you resemble something of an expert in your chosen field.

But my real life seems to suffer the same fate as my game characters always did. I hate choosing, I’ve never liked something enough to reap the rewards of a fully powered anything, because I got bored of specialising. Committing at that cusp of not being just a beginner and leveling fast, but passionate and enjoying one thing enough to pour in all of yourself. That is a level of passion and commitment I’ve struggled to find.

Now, I find the half finished save games littering my hard drive over the years are like markers along the same wandering path through much of my life. As a citizen of planet earth in the 21st century living in the western hemisphere, I am decidedly average. An average Joey, with no real discernible talent or special interest and now I’m going to write a blog. Great.

So here I am blogosphere. A character still in creation, I roll the dice and ask again, who do I want to be?

Original image Angel on Cairn by Kali the Destroyer

Original image Angel on Cairn by Kali the Destroyer