A Picture speaks…


Writing holds a special place in my life. Its at once a sweet indulgence and something gives me a quiet space to be myself. When I write, I am speaking exactly as I wish I could, laid bare, honest, free.

But sometimes, words do not do justice to what we want to say. Sometimes it seems simpler to speak in pictures.

Image Credit: Clearlyhere.tumblr.com

The web lays out in front of us a vast and rich buffet of data. Too much for any one person to fill up on. So steadily we see the rise of those who will interpret the data for us. The clever cooks who will blend together an appetizing morsel and serve it up for this new generation of infographic glutton or connoisseur.

Rise of the Infographic

Rise of the Infographic by pagraphics.

The pictures of our wishes, plans and hopes puncture our online identities.

Platform: Pinterest.com

Platform: Gentlemint.com

Until I  begin to wonder, perhaps the world of the web is best navigated without words at all.

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